• The history
    of our vinery
    has deep roots

    It comes from a strictly familiar tradition, which is intertwined from many years with rows and vines

  • We work
    vineyards from
    four generations

    Since the great-grandfather Giuseppe,
    at the beginning of 900, began
    to implant and work the first vineyards

  • We weave past and future

    Our wines come from the care devoted to vineyards; fruit of a passion cultivated over time, day by day, screw by screw.
    Respecting the time that nature needs, establishing a deep connection with the soil …
    Harmoniously combining the traditions of the past and the modern techniques in a perfect marriage.

  • It is so that
    we produce
    great wines

    As the prestigious Barolo, Barbera d’Alba, Langhe Nebbiolo and Dolcetto d’Alba.
    Respecting the precious teachings handed down by our ancestors.

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