The family

Our family winery has a long-time and strictly familiar tradition, which has been intertwined with vines and grapes for many years.
We have been working our vineyards for almost four generations, since great-grandfather Giuseppe started planting and working the first vineries in the early XX century. They were hard times, with two world wars in the background, but Giuseppe, helped by his? son? Francesco and making heavy sacrifices in order to get through the devastation caused by the wars, never stopped taking care of his vines, working doggedly and with an extraordinary perseverance.
Francesco, in his turn, passed on his passion to his son Giuseppe, whose commitment and dedication made him succeed in expanding the winery?s boundaries, by acquiring new soil, increasing?? production? and?? working?? for?? the?improvement of wine quality. Today, Francesco represents the fourth generation. He continues his family activity, trying and conciliate past experience and new technologies, always respecting his own roots.



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